Wings Over The Pacific

A World War II Novel

Join American and Japanese pilots and crews in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Dan Kelly, Navy fighter pilot, finds out that he craves the excitement of aerial combat, despite the dangers. Jim Slater, Marine Corps pilot, put on the ragged edge of the front lines, trying to blunt the Japanese onslaught. Takeo Tanaka, Japanese torpedo bomber pilot, has a front row seat to the largest battles of the war.

Follow their exploits, and others, from the attack on Pearl Harbor through the Battle of Midway. Set in historically accurate locations and surrounded by historical figures, they wage war in the skies, for their country or for their emperor, hoping to survive.

Amazon.com reviews: "Historical information was well researched. Aircraft technical information was accurate. Story line moved well. Characters were well presented and helped the story to move well.

“Made me feel that I was there. The book moved along at a good pace and story line was great."

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