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“The Rogues? Those guys are crazy. I heard the corporal once threw a Garg out of an airlock for fun!”

Rogue Team, the most feared special operations unit of the Imperial Marine Corps. Throughout the sector they have handled spaceship boardings, hostage situations and every other dirty job handed down to them by headquarters.

Now, they take on a new commander. Fresh out of the academy, Lieutenant Logan Riley is assigned to the battle tested Rogues. As he strives to fit in with the hardened veterans, his indoctrination is cut short. An Imperial senator has been kidnapped and "Riley's" Rogues must rescue the senator while trying to safely navigate through Imperial politics and intrigue.

Outmanned and outgunned, together with their shipmates on the battlecruiser Dante's Inferno, they fight side-by-side to maintain the peace in the known universe.

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What others are saying about Riley’s Rogues:

“Enjoyable military SciFi with lots of action and enough of a surprise ending to guarantee a sequel.”

"Enjoyable quick read. [The author] gets the squad dynamics right, and writes some inventive squad tactical engagements."

“An excellent read of a mint 2Lt's trial by fire. I would highly recommend this book to any mil s/f reader.”

“A fun read.”

“Good action. I would purchase the sequel.”

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