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“This is why I joined in the first place! To be on some dung heap of a planet in the armpit of the galaxy trying to keep a damn giant robot from ruining my day!”

Former Imperial Marine Corps officer Logan Riley is back. This time it's on his own terms. Reunited with his former teammates, The Rogues, he sets out to find an Imperium Security Agency operative who has disappeared while investigating an assassination attempt on the emperor. Riley's Rogues discover that the Kyryns are undertaking a secret project that could upset the galactic balance of power. To stop the Kyryns, the Rogues have to fight their way past their Darkstorm Troopers - the Uberfraggers!

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What others are saying about Riley’s Rogues: Darkstorm:

"Exciting action/adventure military science fiction."

"This whole series is good. The pace is fast the characters are fun to follow and it is easy reading."

"Pretty good book. It was an interesting read."

"I read this to the end, which is getting more rare with the current crop of Kindle SF titles."

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