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“Do you have any idea of what I have done for the Empire? The things I have sacrificed? The men I have lost?”

The Empire rules by the force of its Navy, and Navy spaceships and weaponry need deutronium for their construction. So what happens when a cybernetic madman takes control of the Empire’s main source of deutronium? They send Riley’s Rogues to regain control of the deutronium mines and, if possible, to kill the Cyborg.

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What others are saying about Riley’s Rogues:

“Enjoyable military SciFi with lots of action and enough of a surprise ending to guarantee a sequel.”

"Enjoyable quick read. [The author] gets the squad dynamics right, and writes some inventive squad tactical engagements."

“An excellent read of a mint 2Lt's trial by fire. I would highly recommend this book to any mil s/f reader.”

“A fun read.”

“Good action. I would purchase the sequel.”

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