Rogue Team, the most feared special operations unit of the Imperial Marine Corps. Throughout the sector they have handled spaceship boardings, hostage situations and every other dirty job handed down to them by headquarters.

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Riley’s Rogues Trilogy

All three Riley’s Rogues books in one volume. Save over 15% compared to purchasing separately.

Contents: Riley’s Rogues | Riley’s Rogues: Darkstorm | Riley’s Rogues: Cyborg.

Riley’s Rogues: Cyborg

The third book in the series. The Empire rules by the force of its Navy, and Navy spaceships and weaponry need deutronium for their construction. So what happens when a cybernetic madman takes control of the Empire’s main source of deutronium? They send Riley’s Rogues to regain control of the deutronium mines and, if possible, to kill the Cyborg.


Riley’s Rogues: Darkstorm

The second book in the series. Former Imperial Marine Corps officer Logan Riley is back. This time it's on his own terms. Reunited with his former teammates, The Rogues, he sets out to find an Imperium Security Agency operative who has disappeared while investigating an assassination attempt on the emperor. Riley's Rogues discover that the Kyryns are undertaking a secret project that could upset the galactic balance of power. To stop the Kyryns, the Rogues have to fight their way past Kyryn Darkstorm Troopers - the Uberfraggers!


Riley’s Rogues

The first book in the series. Rogue Team takes on a new commander. Fresh out of the academy, Lieutenant Logan Riley is assigned to the battle tested Rogues. As he strives to fit in with the hardened veterans, his indoctrination is cut short. An Imperial senator has been kidnapped and "Riley's" Rogues must rescue the senator while trying to safely navigate through Imperial politics and intrigue.


Riley’s Rogues: Twilight Zone A Riley Solo Adventure Short Story

Alone on the planet Glister, Logan Riley on a courier mission must stay alive long enough to deliver the package that was entrusted to him. He doesn’t know who, or why, but forces have aligned to stop Riley, at all costs. Available Now and FREE! 


Wings Over The Pacific

Join American and Japanese pilots and crews in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Dan Kelly, Navy fighter pilot, finds out that he craves the excitement of aerial combat, despite the dangers. Jim Slater, Marine Corps pilot, put on the ragged edge of the front lines, trying to blunt the Japanese onslaught. Takeo Tanaka, Japanese torpedo bomber pilot, has a front row seat to the largest battles of the war.

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